2019 ASSP WPA PDC a Success!!!

The 2019 Western PA ASSP Regional Professional Development Conference was a success due to the hard work of the PDC Planning Committee chaired by Tracey Cekada. There were 164 people registered with 99 Professionals and 65 Students. We had 16 Vendors and 8 Sponsors. Thank you to the Sponsors and Vendors. The PDC allows for Professionals and Students to network and learn together, locally. Thank you to Indiana University of PA (IUP) for hosting the PDC. Thank you to the Keynote Speakers and Session speakers for providing timely information and a good opportunity to learn!

The PDC will be at Slippery Rock University in 2020. Stay tuned for more information.

Summary of October Tour and Dinner Meeting

The October Tour and Dinner meeting consisted of a tour of the SRU Strain Safety Building at Slippery Rock University on Thursday, October 17, 2019 hosted by the SRU Student Chapter of ASSP WPA. Dinner followed.
There were 33 people attending the Tour and Dinner which breaks down to 12 Professionals and 21 Students. Thank you to the SRU Student Chapter for hosting this event!

September Technical Tour and Dinner Summary

The Chapter’s first meeting of the 2019-2020 Chapter year was conducted on September 19 with an outstanding tour of the South Fayette Turnpike Project hosted by Bill Boots, Safety Manager for the project at CDR Maquire who is the Construction Manger of the project.  We boarded a bus and went to three separate locations on the project site where we exited the bus at each location for an escorted tour. We watched a bridge beam be placed on piers by doing a tandem lift with two cranes. At another location, we went to a high hilltop in the project site where we could see a significant amount of work being completed with extreme excavation efforts to make way for a road under Interstate 79, and another area where enormous amounts of dirt are being moved from one location to another where a ramp will come from I-79 south to the new roadway. The third location was where a bridge was being constructed, specifically looking at newer technology used to tie the reinforcing rods using an automated process before concrete was to placed on the bridge. On another area of this location we watched as they cut concrete and in another area we observed as the workers placed concrete on the permeable base. We boarded the bus, went back to the CDR Maquire office, and had dinner which included a discussion of what was seen on the tour. There were 13 people on the tour and 10 that attended the dinner.

Thank you! to Bill Boots for hosting and moderating the tour and CDR Maquire for hosting the meeting.