IUP Student Section Update

A few students did research on a few topics throughout the semester including a slip, trips, falls research study in which many of the members of ASSP are involved in. Not only have these students been working on research studies, but they were also busy building connections in the field of safety by welcoming safety professionals into the classrooms to give presentations on topics ranging from industrial hygiene practice to moving away from home for a job.

With the holidays quickly approaching, the ASSP student section and IUP’s Ladies of Safety organization collaborated and arranged a holiday toy drive in which the Ladies of Safety bought toys, hats, and gloves and walked around to each college asking for donations towards purchasing the toys in the bin. The clubs were able to purchase about $770 worth of toys from the donations. Two weeks ago, the clubs delivered the toys to a local elementary school in which the items would be dispersed to the children based on need and discussions with parents. The elementary school was very grateful for the donation and to see the kids faces light up when they saw the toys made the hard work done by all worth it!

Students also participated in a Safety Sciences Career Fair held in September in which companies from all over the country were gathered to recruit EHS students for either full-time employment, internships, or co-ops. The career fair was successful as many students obtained an internship/job for the spring semester or summer. Many of the ASSP student section officers attended the luncheon prior to the start of the fair and had the opportunity to connect with safety professionals.

We hope to launch many more toy/food drives and welcome many more guest speakers into the walls of Johnson Hall this spring!

Submitted by Madison Piatak