SRU Student Section Update

SRU finished a busy spring semester with the completion of an Adopt a Highway project, SR 0108 was approved to be adopted by the SRU ASSP Student Section. And after a successful SRU Safety Management clothing sale, the student section donated a portion of the proceeds to the Slippery Rock Volunteer Fire Department. 

SRU will have a booth in Chicago at the ASSP PDC June 27-29, booth 2129, stop by to see us! Mr. Renz is speaking in a session Monday afternoon at the conference. We have named executive officers for SRU ASSP Student Section for 2022-2023 as follows:

President: Sam Miloser

Vice President: Sophia Naugle

Secretary: Ashley Collura

Treasurer: Ethan Presloid

Committee chairs will be named when we return to campus. 

ASSP President, Christine Sullivan will speak in person on September 19, 2022, at a lunch meeting at an SRU Student Section meeting. More information to come on this meeting

Submitted by Cindy Medford, Student Section Advisor