ASSP Members Reach Milestones in 2020

ASSP has released a list of members on January 01, 2021 listing Society members reaching 50, 40, and 25 year membership milestones. The length of the list and number of members reaching these milestones are impressive. The complete ASSP list can be seen here.

There are members of the Western PA Chapter of ASSP meeting these milestones. Those members reaching the 40-year milestone are Arthur T, Breuer Jr, Thomas Michael Gaul, Gary W. Gillespie, Robert D. Soule, and Ronald Lucarelli. Those members reaching the 25-year milestone are Edward E. Buffington, James L. Cessna, Brian C. Fleck, and Scott D. Welch.

Congratulations to the members meeting the 40- and 25-year milestones!